Operation: Outdoors.

Mortimer and Ethel are spoiled rotten. As soon as Ted got home from work today he put the kids on their leashes and led them outside exclaiming "I'm a glutton for punishment!" Mortimer was in heaven. He rolled around in the grass and climbed the hill and chased grasshoppers.

Ethel is a little more cautious and stuck by the door, only venturing out far enough to stick her head in the drain pipe.

There wasn't much of a struggle tonight once we brought them inside, though the two of them stuck close to the door in case we decided give them another taste of freedom.

In other news, we got a sweet package in the mail today from Ted's mom. We keep our dishwashing soap in a glass bottle usually used for salad oil or something. Our old one broke recently and Ted's mom and step-father noticed when they were in town last weekend, so they picked us up a new one in their travels! It's the most perfect soap dispenser I've ever seen and matches our kitchen "motif" perfectly! Thanks Pam and Jerry!

We had a Lowe's Date Night tonight and picked up some more grass seed and fertilizer to work on the lawn this weekend. We finally got a lawn mower the other night and have to take it for a test drive tomorrow. We are also dying to organize the garage, so we got a shelf and a tool chest to help with that effort. More pictures as we make progress this weekend!

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mindy said...

Ok, Ted walking the cats.... is just too funny for words!