First Mow Results In Casualty

The Mower

We broke out our brand new lawn mower yesterday and fired it up without any problems. While Ted put together our new tool chest for the garage, I took the lawn mower for its first spin around the yard. I had my Ipod on and life was good. The mower purred like a kitten and cut like a dream. I made my way around the back of the house and got to work on some of the lusher grass back there. While making a pass over a particularly high area, a rock flew out from under the mower and broke the back of the house! Busted right through the vinyl siding and the insulator board. Yipes.

I broke the house.

I cut the engine and made my way to the garage to tell Ted. We stood there staring at it for a bit. Ted made note that we don't need a security system anymore, as you could break into the house just by busting through the walls. He has a point, though I have a feeling our neighbors would be a bit suspicious of anyone breaking a hole in the wall of our house. I think we'll keep the security system for now.

Now I need to look in one of our "home repair" reference books and figure out how the hell to replace vinyl siding...

After the lawn mower incident I decided I better stick to some indoor work, so we got busy organizing the garage. This was one of the most fulfilling organization projects to date! We had "arranged" the garage after the move, but things kept piling up and we never felt as though there was truly a "place" for things. Now that we have a lawn mower and wheelbarrow and weed whacker in there too, we really needed to organize a bit better.



We got a nice big set of shelves and a sweet tool chest from Lowe's. I also went back later on and got a piece of pegboard and all of the hooks that go with it along with some other specialized hangers for our gardening tools. I have to admit, I had a riot organizing last night and didn't want to stop until I was done. I finished up just in time to catch the end of Zach Braff's monologue on SNL. Score.


The Gardening Center

The Sports Center

Our new fabulous and much needed shelves

"The Workshop"

I worked a little in the yard today putting down some more grass seed. Ugh. So many rocks. I hope we see a bit more growth. Comparison pictures will be posted in a couple of weeks! Fun!


mindy said...

Cripes! I guess that's the plus to having wood siding - we can throw rocks at it all we want.

The garage is looking fabulous, your brother will no doubt be jealous. :)

Beekeebear said...

I think you should worry not so much about someone breaking in as you should about Morty breaking out.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad none of you were there to see Eilis run and hide behind the cars as I started up the lawn mower while there was gasoline seeping out of the overfilled tank. She was yelling "No! No! No!" It was priceless.

She thought the thing was going to blow up. But once I completed one pass around the yard, she practically ripped the mower out of my hands.