Inaugural Grill

We got the propane tank filled and fired up the grill for the first time last night! We had some delicious veggie burgers and some steamed corn. Mmmm. The grill is awesome. It heats up really quickly and is just plain adorable as it cooks our dinner. We've been tossing around all sorts of ideas about what we can grill next...

In wild animal news, we have two wild animals living with us in the house. As I've mentioned in previous posts, Ted has been dying to have cats that will go outside on leashes. This experiment failed last summer when he bought halters for the two cats and took them outside the apartment. They both cried and cowered the entire time, just hoping they would be brought back inside soon. Since we've moved to the house, however, they've changed their tune. Either one of them can be found staring out various windows throughout the day. We found some cute collars in their size at the store the other night and Ted insisted we get them and bring "the kids" outside again. Now they love it out there. They don't want to come back in. When we go to open the door, they run at it full speed hoping to escape into the fabulous green world they've only ever dreamed about through the window. Ted has now created a monster:

The view from outside looking in: Morty screams for freedom


Mortimer cried and threw himself at the windows for a good half hour after we brought him in last night. Trying to reason with a cat is a challenging task, but I think Mortimer and I have reached an understanding. Going outside is a "privilege," not a "right." He needs to clean up his act if he wants to be treated to some supervised roaming time outside. He screamed "You're ruining my life!" and slammed his bedroom door in a tantrum, but he'll come around to the "As long as you're living under my roof, you'll obey my rules" mentality soon enough. His sister was smart enough to keep her mouth shut and let Morty take the fall. Sigh. Kids.

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