We have been getting an abundance of beautiful and thoughtful gifts for the baby in the past couple of months. Thanks to everyone who has thought of us! After a long debacle with my sewing machine I have finally finished hemming the curtains for the nursery and we are almost done putting it together. The one last thing I'd like to get is a nice fuzzy white rug, so I've got my eye out for that addition. We've added some wall stickers, the curtains, and a glider since our last photo session, so here's some updated pictures. It's nice and cozy and relaxing in there...I just spent some time in the glider looking out the window and it was very peaceful. Baby B was punching me while I rocked, so I think he/she was feeling at home as well.

My 29th birthday was yesterday and I was spoiled with more gifts for Ted and I and the baby. My family chipped in and got me the glider you see pictured above...thanks guys! In lieu of a card this year, my parents sent me my old newborn footprints from when I was born. They are framed and on display in the nursery...can't wait to compare feet with Baby B...though I'm really hoping that he/she has Ted's adorable box feet instead of my crooked toes. :)

You can also see some adorable knitted blankets that Ted's Mom made for the baby. There is nothing like those homemade gifts, you know? Thanks to Pam for all of her wonderful work. She also included an adorable sweater, hat, and booties for Baby B! Can't wait until he/she is here to wear them!

Ted's sister also surprised us recently with a package of cute outfits for the baby...including a shout out to the 'Cuse! Thanks Erin!

So, that's it on this end. I'm feeling the baby punching me all the time now, and Ted has even felt it! Pretty awesome. We're going to be 22 weeks on Wednesday. Over half way there!

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Anonymous said...

Room looks adorable!! Eilis, I want to see pictures with your belly in them!!!! Yer mammy