18 Weeks Down...

We had our anatomy scan on Tuesday and everything looks great with Baby B. Two eyes, two ears, a cute little button nose...all of the bits and pieces are in order. Ted came to this one with me and we had a riot watching the scan together...it's pretty amazing how the baby has grown. I'm getting quite the little belly at this point and it seems to be getting bigger by the day. The baby is about the size of a bell pepper and weighs half a pound at this point. It's crazy how much more growing still needs to be done and how far we've come already. I can't get over the profile shots. We can't wait to meet this little creature and steal that little button nose and squeeze that little chin!

This one is my favorite. There's the chin I'm raving about.

The 2D pictures are always a bit freaky looking. I'm in love with the second one, however. Doesn't it look like the baby has little goggles on and is geeking it out or something?


mindy said...

Awww, those profile shots are awesome. Love the button nose! Can't wait to meet this peanut.

Beekeebear said...

Hey I can actually see the head on that first one. (Sonograms just look like Rorschachs to me.) See you next week, little baby-in-a-belly!