It's a Southern thing, apparently. *Gag*

Had to leave "The Bug Man" a sample of the critters we found infesting the yard the other day. The woman on the phone was trying to explain to me the visual difference between a flying ant and a termite but I couldn't stop throwing up in my mouth long enough to listen, so she just sent the guy out to look for himself. Looks like we are all clear, though giant mountains of flying ants don't make me very happy either. Ted wants to set the yard on fire to get rid of them. I think he's a bit of a pyro.


Anonymous said...

Do it Ted!!! Set the yard on fire. Fire! Fire! :)


mindy said...

Haha.... well, at least it's not termites, or something even creepier like roaches or centipedes. Be thankful for small blessings ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh wait until I put up the picture of the centipede that Eilis found outside of the RBC Center after last Friday night's hockey game ... you're gonna love it.

Anonymous said...

Yes-Ted is using the bugs as an excuse---he just doesn't want to mow the lawn