4 Months!

The boy had his 4 month check up today and weighed in at a healthy, yet hefty 17 pounds. 90th percentile. That's my boy. He was a TROOPER and only cried for about 45 seconds after his shots and then was back to his old smiley self. He was extra snuggly tonight as a result which of course we don't mind one bit. He's snoozing away as I type...still sleeping well through the night. He goes to bed anywhere between 7 and 8 and sleeps until about 7am. It's so fabulous...

He's really animated now and totally knows where his hands are and how to get them in his mouth. He's smiley and drooly and simply adorable. He's been getting the hang of "dinner time" with the family. We put him in his high chair and give him some rice cereal and/or veggies while we eat dinner. It's quite fun...I'm really loving this "family" gig.

He loves to listen as I read him stories and is a big music fan. He'll be quick to tell you what music he doesn't like too (Van Halen is a sure fire way to make him scream). His favorite song (to be sung) is "Lollipop" and will make him smile every time. His favorite song to listen to is "LA Woman" by the Doors. Bless his heart.

Showing off his gams and his band-aids from today's traumatic doctor visit.

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Anonymous said...

Gee sorry to hear he isn't a fan of Van Halen!!! Bummer-well, maybe as he matures his musical preferences will become more refined and he will rediscover David Lee Roth and Eddie and Alex and Wolfgang.
Love you Brind'Amour,
Grandma XO