Going on 5 Months:

January is coming to a close and that means that our little punker is going to be 5 months old soon! I think I've mentioned this before, but it's continuing to be true...it feels like we've known him forever. Time is flying by...but also seemingly slow. It's very odd. Anyway, the little guy is at the best stage yet. He's really animated and loves to giggle and smile--especially at Dad when he's being a goofball. Ted has some sure-fire ways to make Brind'Amour laugh...one being a pirate voice. He asks Brindy if he wants to be his "first mate" and gets a big dimple grin every time. It's hilarious. He's also enjoying his bouncing toy that Grandma and Grandpa B got him for Christmas. He goes nuts in that thing.

He's still sleeping pretty well at night, though he has gotten up the past couple of nights because he got himself caught in the corner of the crib. I don't know what the kid does...he must kick his legs like crazy and push himself up into the corner of the crib. I've found him like that 3 times now. And he doesn't cry, he just sort of yells out for a bit until we go in to check on him. And he always goes right back to sleep after a diaper change and a bottle, so that's pretty nice.

He's still enjoying his veggies--spaghetti squash, zucchini, and yellow squash are the favorites so far. We've been really busy lately and haven't established a good eating routine yet, but I usually try to get him some type of veggie at dinner. He's still drooling up a storm and gnawing on his fingers, but no teeth so far. He's also a chatty Cathy these days, babbling like crazy. It's so adorable to watch because he even has his eyebrows involved and you can tell his is telling you quite the tale. It will be amazing when actual words come out of his mouth one of these days!

In other news, Teddy is in his last full semester of grad school! If he can get everything done, he'll actually graduate this spring, but will have one more course to take in the first summer session. Yay Teddy! He'll be so happy when it's done...he has been so busy with the baby and schoolwork. It will be nice when he can just come home and relax.

Brindy through the weeks...(click to enlarge)

One of my recent favorites.

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