Baby B Makes A Move!

Most of you probably were not aware, but Baby B has been breech for some time now. They say that they can flip themselves at any time, but I was starting to become concerned (and also secretly hoping there would be some need for a c-section and I could have the baby early. Terrible, I know, but the suspense is killing me). I had a lot of pain on Monday and thought that perhaps the baby was flipping itself around, but alas, when I had the girls scan me at work we noted that the baby was even more breech than usual with its butt way down where the head should be and its little legs all smushed up by its head, which was under my right diaphragm. This was 2 hours before my OB appointment, so I intended to ask when we should become concerned that this little person had not flipped around yet. The midwife examined me and did not mention any abnormalities, so I brought it up, stating that the baby is breech (which I had just seen with my own eyes).

"No it's not" she said, defiantly.

"Uhhhh, yes it is" I replied.

"No it's not" she insisted.

"Yes it is. I just saw it on ultrasound about 2 hours ago."

She poked and prodded my belly again and insisted that the head was not where I had just seen it.

I left thinking she was a nutjob and wondering if I really should just find another OB center (there have been a number of things that I've had problems with when dealing with them during this pregnancy).

For the record, Ted believed her and couldn't believe that I wouldn't believe her. I was siding with what I had seen with my own eyes, however, instead of what some woman claimed she could feel.

I was telling the story at work today with a nice hint of sarcasm in my voice indicating that I thought this lady was crazy for thinking that the baby wasn't breech.

"Let's look again today" said my co-worker in a "We can prove this lady wrong and laugh about it" tone.

As soon as the probe touched my belly? BAM! Head down. Not slightly down. Not sort of down. DOWN. Ready for travel.

So I guess the midwife knows what she's talking about after all. Oops. I'm glad I only picked on her behind her back. :)

And the good news? Baby B has finally made it into the correct position and I can stop obsessing over it and move on with my life.

9 weeks to go! Any guesses as to dates I'll deliver and whether it's a boy or a girl? Winner gets all time holding privileges whenever they are around the baby! Or wait, all time diaper changing privileges? Better yet, winner gets to pay for college! What fun!


Jaime said...

If the baby wants to come early, I will say July 16. That's our 3-year anniversary. :) What fun that he/she is in position now. I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of my "bump" - it's getting there but I have to wonder how much is Baby A. and how much is just me not sucking the gut in anymore? LOL. :) Good luck!! I think it's a...boy! Ted Jr. Hee hee.

Betty said...

I think it's a girl! And I will guess August 25! How do you deal with not knowing?!


BJ said...

I think it will be a boy and your due date will be Aug 29th.

BJ "the psychic" Cardone

Anonymous said...

A boy on Sept 1-7 lbs 3 oz

Anonymous said...

I think it's a boy and he'll come on August 29. It's his favorite great aunt's b'day.........