Decorating Lot 152

I love Christmas. I love the music, the decorations, the gathering of friends and family, the symbolism. I love it all. Ted has a strict "no Christmas music or Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving" policy which I find quite reasonable. Once Thanksgiving is over, however, it's no holds barred. We got our Christmas tree on Friday night from a cute little nursery around the corner. We intended to tie it to the top of Ted's car like we did last year, but the guy offered to just drive it to our house for us since w were right around the corner. Sweet. We dragged all of the decorations out of our little storage attic and got to work. I was super excited to decorate our very first house together for our first married Christmas and I must admit it was everything I had hoped and dreamed. The house looks adorable and festive and we had a lot of fun listening to Christmas music and wrapping some presents to tuck under the tree.

Our fabulous little tree

We got a starter nativity set as a wedding gift and combined it with my Grandmother's old nativity pieces.

Inspector Morty makes sure the tree is within code this year.

I had the idea for a craft project about a month ago when I saw some really cute displays for a porch at Target. I had a feeling I could make them for a lot cheaper than the asking price, so I set up shop in the living room last night as we watched hockey and got to work. I used our old planters (which have been housing dead crispy flowers since this summer) and decorated them for Christmas. We also put out some simple white lights on the bushes and two trees in the front yard.

Starting my project

The finished project

Our cute front porch all decorated

Lot 152 all decked out!

We're having a Christmas party in a couple of weekends so I went all out decorating the inside of the house as well.

I hope everyone else is enjoying getting ready for the Christmas festivities!


mindy said...

Very pretty! I'm sure your party-goers will be impressed with your holiday spirit and lovely craft projects ;)

Katherine said...

Awww...it looks great! Makes me want to hurry up and get mine done too!

Sandy said...

How pretty!