Depicting the Latest.

Here's an update as to what we've been up to lately...in picture form:

First of all, a few weeks ago Ted had a boys' trip to Myrtle Beach with his boyfriends from hockey. Those crazy cats decided that it was a "mustache required" event this year, so they all set out to grow a juicy 'stache. Ted hadn't shaved since the wedding, preferring to kick it with a full beard at work and then shave down to the mustache once he arrived in Myrtle Beach. Shave he did, and when he returned home on Sunday I couldn't help cracking up and snapping this shot. The 70's cop throwback sunglasses really complete the look, don't you think??

We rented a cabin in the mountains of Asheville, NC with our neighbors for Thanksgiving. It was rad--3 bedrooms, full kitchen, fireplace, big screen TV, and a hot tub. Sweet. We got up there Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday. No one wanted to leave and we even contemplated putting our deposit down for next year.

A view of the gorgeous scenery:

Sign on the door of the corner store:

We took a drive one day and came across this pretty overlook:

Ted enjoys reading the graffiti on signs and we all got a kick out of this particular nugget as we looked closer:

The weather was perfect fall weather...a sweater and light coat was perfect for being outdoors. We found a great place to hike and got some cute shots along the way:

When we weren't out exploring we were playing games. Board games? Yes. But mostly? Nintendo. Yup. Old school NES. Paul and I got to reminiscing about the old Power Pad and the Olympic Track Meet game. All that's left to say is that we happened upon a used video game store and I'm about $60.00 poorer. The Power Pad? 8 bucks. Deal of the century. It works like a charm too...except I think I've gotten a bit too old for these shenanigans as I seem to have thrown my back out doing hurdles...

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Katherine said...

What a beautiful & fun way to spend Thanksgiving!