Framing Close to Finished

We both went over to check out the house on Saturday. No one was around so we went inside to check it all out up close. The entire interior is all framed--we were able to visualize where every room, door, closet, and window will be. It was pretty exciting! We have ordered every possible window we could have in this house, so it was really neat to see some of the big beautiful windows we will have, especially in the living room, master bedroom, and loft. We think we might have caught a mistake in the building too, so we were glad that we went inside to inspect everything up close (a door that we were expecting to have leading into the master bedroom is not framed up--seems to be an oversight or misunderstanding because we have those extra french doors ordered for the master bedroom as well). We went down to the main office and discussed everything with the sales rep, and it should be taken care of soon. Next step is the "rough-ins"--wiring and plumbing and such.

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