Framing Continues

As my Aunt Patrice would say "Holy Toledo!" We have a house! It was sprinkling when I pulled up at noon today to take these pics, but the guys were still working when I got there. They broke for lunch at 12:30 and I snuck in and got some close up pics. It's really coming together! It was pouring rain when I left work tonight, so I'll have to swing by tomorrow to see if they have been able to finish. Here's some pictures to tide you over!


Geri Wagner said...

Wow! That is fast! It's really starting to look like something! Glad we're able to get online from up here in Bar Harbor, where we're in the middle of a gale force storm, to check out the blog (once the power came back on, that is!)

Beekeebear said...

Ooh yay! I love arched doorways!