9 Months Old!

Our little guy will be 9 months old in a couple of days...can you stand it? He's still as good-natured as ever. He's getting to the age where he gets frustrated when he can't have/do what he wants and will throw a quick tantrum consisting of banging his hands on whatever flat surface he's hanging onto, but he's still pretty easily distracted and comforted which is nice. We're loving the crawling/cruising stage because he can easily entertain himself and it gives us a chance to get some things done while he's playing. He still eats like a horse and has the rolls to prove it. We've been making his food for him instead of buying jars of food and it is a riot. He's got quite the little palate! We just introduced him to yogurt and he's loving it. I thought he might barf a bit with yogurt because I wasn't sure if he had a lactose/milk protein issue, but I think his barfing has more to do with thin consistency at this point. Since we changed him to the Enfamil AR formula he doesn't spit up much at all, and so far he has kept all of his yogurt down. He's had some meat here and there and I want to get more of that into his diet. I'm also trying to get him to get used to finger foods such as cheerios, but he hasn't quite grasped the idea yet.

With all the cruising he's doing I think he'll be walking soon...lately he's been content to hold onto things with one hand, and I even saw him take the one hand away for a second the other day. He promptly fell, but still. He's getting here.

Here's some recent videos for your enjoyment.

Brindy Eats Camera from Eilis B on Vimeo.

Brindy walks with Daddy from Eilis B on Vimeo.

In pregnancy news, I'm 24 weeks along and doing pretty well. Starting to get achy and uncomfortable, but chalking it up to "same old, same old." We've got Brindy in his "big brother room," and the nursery is almost restocked and ready to go for Baby Girl B's arrival. We are getting really excited to meet her and get this whole "family unit" thing rolling. :)


Mindy said...

That camera-eating video is too cute. Can't wait to see him this weekend ;)

Jaime said...

He's adorable! Glad you're all doing so well. He will be walking before you know it. And then the rolls will disappear. :(