Brind'Amour's Skills

Brind'Amour has been growing like a weed and it is so amazing to watch him change. He learns new things so quickly, but it seems like so long ago that he wasn't in control of his hands at all...but he's only 3 months old. It's really strange, this weird time warp that we are in. At any rate, he is able to grab purposefully now...when he wants to grab a rattle or toy, he will, when he wants to grab a blanket or your hand he will. He also tends to hold the bottle up to his mouth when he's eating too. The other day he had a kung fu grip on it and I totally couldn't get his fingers unwrapped from it. It was hilarious.

He's also babbling up a storm. One of his daycare "teachers" said yesterday that "he likes to eat and talk." One of the other babies started crying in his bouncer while I was there and I asked if Brind'Amour fusses much during the day. She said that, no, he doesn't fuss. "He looks at all the other kids like 'What's your deal? This isn't so hard.'" That cracked Ted and I up because it's totally him...pretty mellow little fellow.

He smiles every morning when we peek our head over the crib to wish him a good morning. It's rare that he cries when he wakes up. I'll just hear him in there talking to himself and when I check on him he's wide awake staring at his mobile and kicking his legs. During the week when we have to wake him up to get ready he makes some hilarious faces and may whimper a bit, but then he's back to his old smiley self.

Here's a video of him taken yesterday. He's showing off his skills...and his Christmas socks for Aunt Becky to see!

Brindy Shows Off His Skillz from Eilis B on Vimeo.

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Donald Wagner said...

I luv his Chrismas soks! Dzadzu