The One Month Old Boy.

Brind'Amour was a month old on October 4th and we celebrated by packing him in the car and forcing him to sleep for hours on end as we drove to NY. He was a trooper though and we had a riot. Ted played in his alumni lacrosse game at Morrisville on Saturday...the old fogies beat the young whipper snappers 5-4!

Teddy in action

A picture with my favorite lacrosse player

Then it was a family fun-fest with a party at Ted's sister's house on Saturday and a party at my Mom's house on Sunday. Brind'Amour got to meet oodles of family members and had a great time snuggling with anyone that would have him.

With Grandpa B

With his cousin Amanda

Snuggling with Aunt Erin

With Great Aunt Mary

With Great Aunt Millie

Happy One Month Birthday Buddy! Thanks for letting us sleep! You're the best.

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Anonymous said...

Nice hair, Brind!