9 Week Old Prodigy

In the following video, taken today, you can see Baby B move his/her arms and head. How cool is that?? Wait for it...wait for it...it happens right at the end of the clip. The head is on the right side of your screen with arms and legs as you move to the left.

In this one you can distinctly see two little eyes peering at you. Borderline creepy? Yes. But oh so cool just the same. We're really growing something in there!
(We're really doin' it buddy!!--that's for Bek)

Here's a breakdown of what you are looking at:

I almost started crying when I saw those little arms move. I suppose that's not a good judge of emotion, however, because I cry when I hear a rap song with a good hook these days. :)
Kidding. We are so stoked over here.


Katherine said...


Beekeebear said...

Harry. I took care of it.


Mindy said...

Wow, that was awesome. The whole fam sends their congrats!

BJ said...

I love it! So so happy for you, ted and the little baby b!